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The world will be a better place when people stop expecting Brittana in Faberry fics.

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Meme Music Musical Meme Music Meme Mulan

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“you can tell a lot about someone by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, itunes, media player etc and write down the first 20 songs. then pass this on to 10 people. one rule: no skipping”

1. P!NK - Just like a pill
2. Puff Johnson - Over and over (The First Wives Club OST)
3. The All-American Rejects - I Wanna
4. America - The Last Unicorn (The Last Unicorn OST)
5. Schandmaul - Folk You
6. Tanz der Vampire (Vienna Cast, 10th Anniversary) - Bücherlied (Reprise Ich suche Wahrheit)
7. Fun. - Some Nights
8. Legally Blonde OBC - Legally Blonde Remix
9. Ellie Goulding - Hearts Without Chains
10. Miley Cyrus - 7 Things
11. Cabaret OST - If you could see her
12. Die Ärzte - Nichts in der Welt
13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show OST - Time Warp
14. Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones OST - Chariot Race
15. The Beatles - Yesterday
16. Udo Jürgens - Aber bitte mit Sahne
17. Marilyn Manson - Rock is dead
18. Richard Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries
19. Etta James - At last
20. Glee Cast - Gives you hell

Okay, so, uhm … I don’t knoooooow. Maybe feistyregal if she wants to. Or pintsizedprinter. Or happylittlebubbl. nerdybutt? angelffxmaniac? mizdaw? I’m so bad at this.

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That’s right, ladies and gays (and gay ladies) — We are just two precious months away from FaberryCon North! Cue the excitement/panic!

Here is your handy-dandy checklist of things on our end:

  • Are you registered? We already have 42 terrific folks but know of many, many more who have been putting off registering. Now is the time! Do the thing!
  • Have you made your hotel reservation? The discounted rate ends June 24th, so get your room booked soon. If no one staying in your room has a credit card, talk to jarrow and he’ll get you squared away.
  • If you need roommates, go talk to people here! jarrow is happy to play matchmaker if you need. We will find a place for you even if you don’t know anyone! We promise! Come to Brazil FaberryCon! We love meeting new people, and you can room with other newbies if you prefer. Seriously, just talk to jarrow. We’re all super nice.
  • Go suggest panel nominations! We’ll be closing them in the next few weeks. It’s your con — tell us what you want to talk about. Speak now, and all that.
  • And of course, if you haven’t yet paid for the second half of your registration, we’d love for you to get that to us sooner rather than later. You technically have until 7/13, but it’s nice to have things done, right? Yes.


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European Horror Story: EU Parliament Elections ‘14

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Welcome to Europe where we choose Conchita Wurst as Eurovision’s winner but we vote for racist, sexist, homophobic and xenophobic people to represent our countries in the European parliament 

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Hey Europe. The 1930s called. They want their advancing fascism back.

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Women between fifteen and forty-four are more likely to be injured or die from male violence than from traffic accidents, cancer, malaria, and the effects of war combined.

A difficult, important piece by Ariel Levy for The New Yorker.

Help do something about it here.

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I swear to fuck if someone tries to come up in here and be like, “SOME men are violent towards women.” NO. SOME men aren’t violent towards women. Read the article, check your shit.

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My previous anons protesting me writing off the majority of men as being violent. Read this and then get off the internet forever.

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CDU: 30 seats
CSU: 5 seats
SPD: 27 seats
Green Party: 11 seats
FDP: 3 seats
Left Party: 7 seats
AfD: 7 seats!!! (Anti-European right wing populist bullshit -  and of course, “no one” elected them.) 

—- Other parties (there isn’t a 5% threshold anymore):
Party for animal welfare: 1 seat
ÖDP: 1 seat
NDP: 1 seat (Neo-Nazis in the EU-Parliament. Just let that sink in for a second)
Pirates: 1 seat
FW: 1 seat
Family: 1 seat